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Alex Lawrence

Full-Stack Developer, Technical Lead, Software Architect



About me

I am a software developer with knowledge and experience in architecture, automation, backend, frontend, operations, teaching, technical leadership and testing. Since 2007, my professional focus lies on full-stack web development. In most projects, I use JavaScript as language and Node.js as backend runtime. Wherever useful, I apply selected parts of DDD. The architectural patterns I am most interested in are Event-driven Architecture, CQRS and Event Sourcing. For the frontend, I personally favor to use native technologies, such as Web Components. Professionally, I also work with various libraries and tools. Most recently, I started learning Rust as new programming language and picked up selected concepts of Functional Programming. Since many years, I am a strong supporter for Free/Libre Open Source Software.

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Full Stack Developer // Technical Lead // Software Architect – Alex Lawrence

from 12/2013 until today

Book Author - Implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing in Node.js

from 01/2017 until today

Software Developer - Personio

from 04/2019 until 11/2020

Frontend Developer - AutoScout24 GmbH

from 11/2018 until 03/2019

Founder & Developer - YUNIT

from 05/2013 until 05/2018

Full Stack Developer - AutoScout24 GmbH

from 07/2017 until 03/2018

Frontend Developer - nuveon GmbH

from 05/2017 until 08/2017

Frontend Developer - frog design

from 12/2016 until 01/2017

Full Stack Developer – SixSteps / efa GmbH

from 04/2014 until 09/2016

Lecturer at University of Augsburg

from 01/2014 until 07/2016

Lecturer for the subject "Multimedia Programming" in the third semester of the studies "Interactive Media". Focus: Browser based programming with JavaScript

Frontend Developer - frog design

from 01/2014 until 03/2014

(Senior) Software Developer - AutoScout24 GmbH

from 03/2011 until 08/2013

Working Student Software Development - AutoScout24 GmbH

from 07/2010 until 02/2011

Head of Development / Partner - artecho GbR

from 10/2008 until 07/2010

Tutor for different subjects - Hochschule Augsburg

from 10/2006 untl 07/2010

Subjects: ActionScript3, Flex, Java/J2SE, PostgreSQL

Web Developer - Alex Lawrence

from 10/2006 until 10/2008


Multimedia - Hochschule Augsburg - Hochschule Augsburg

from 10/2005 until 02/2011