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Releasing version 1.1.0 of my book

Posted at Jan 15, 2021 — Reading time: 1 minutes

Yesterday, I released version 1.1.0 of my book “Implementing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing”. This release includes various refinements and improvements of the existing book content. Note that if you own a copy and have already started reading, there is no need to start over again.


Here is a summary of the changes that have been made:

Less is more

Compared to the previous release of my book (1.0.3), the new version has 3 pages less. This is the result of removing irrelevant comments, making images smaller and, most importantly, shortening specific examples. The new version conveys the same amount of relevant information as before but with less content.

Next steps

At this point, I feel like the book content reached a quality I am satisfied with. I have been thinking about possible content extensions and came up with two ideas for appendix sections. The first one I will be working on is about the use of static types, illustrated with TypeScript.

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